1. Update.

    250kg WWII Nazi bomb.

    They flattened Podgorica. That's why it is (mostly) so ugly.
    (Germany Keeps Giving, 11 August 2017 16:46)

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  2. Djukanovic's Gangster state in action no doubt. If it's not the enemies of old, i.e. the Jews, then it must be the Russians. Gotta have nation to hate!


    Maybe even Djukanovic & Friends (TM) did it themselves for fun?

    29 Nov 16
    Unsolved Bomb Blasts Threaten Montenegro's Security

    Several Montenegrin towns and the capital Podgorica have been hit by a series of bomb blasts in recent months, but police have caught none of the perpetrators so far.

    Miljanic told BIRN that in most cases, clashes between rival drug gangs were behind the bomb attacks across the country, but he said believes that some cases have a deeper political background, alleging links between organised crime groups and parts of the security sector.
    (Or, 9 August 2017 16:16)

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  3. Radical Serbs & radical Russians at work, full steam ahead!!!

    Watch the Serbian propaganda machine go to work and try to blame others for the deeds!
    However, I think the leadership in Montenegro will find out the truth and expose Serbian Russian collaboration for this nasty deed!
    (Peter The Rocky Mountains, 9 August 2017 12:02)

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