Murder of another journalist uncovered in Kosovo

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia (UNS) found that the journalist of RTV Pristina, Krist Gegaj, was killed in Istok in September 1999, three months after the arrival of international forces, but his name has not been found in any records of the victims.

UNS Source:
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  1. (ida, 4 August 2017 22:13)

    You are to stupid Ida, I'm sorry but that's the truth.
    Kosovo was under Serbia dear, and Albanians had to work. But he wrote about the massacres on Albanian villages dear, massacres made by Serbs.
    (Po Normal, 7 August 2017 14:28)

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  2. Albanians who had jobs with the Serbian state were targeted by the KLA as traitors/collaborators:

    "speaks about Albanians employed in the Serbian administration, that is, that they were discriminated and plundered. He wrote about the massacres, murders, burnt villages - says his daughter"
    (ida, 4 August 2017 22:13)

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