1. US diplomatic circles say Zaev has caved in and is willing to accept Vardar MaKedoniJa Republic - he needs 3-4 months to organise the desired and correct referendum result in coalition with Albanian Vadarians who will ensure correct result.

    They will go from Fyromians to Vardarians - this is acceptable by Greece and will see Vardar Makedonija accepted in NATO by year end.
    (Kozjak, 17 July 2017 21:29)

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  2. Empty narrations won't solve the name dispute, changing the name from Macedonia to something else will solve it.

    The issue won't go away in four months because the former Yugoslavians have no incentive to change names now that so many Greek hating knuckleheads ridiculously called obvious Slavs "ethnic" Macedonians. They have no incentive to change since the aforementioned Greek hatintg knuckleheads evade over the former Yugoslavians little switch-a-roo into ancient Macedonians and obvious irredentism against Greece to hide their mistake of calling them "Macedonians".

    Of course it wasn't a mistake. It was bigotry. That because apparent the moment they started to evade.
    (Greek, 17 July 2017 19:24)

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