1. There is only ONE FUTURE for Western Balkan or Balkan at all -
    SERBIA !.

    After next Balkan WAR you will realise this !.

    "Who has said that Serbia is Small" ?.

    (Arn.Sweden., 17 July 2017 18:33)

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  2. Oh what a load of crap. I've read plenty of similar stuff long ago, when it actually meant something. This is just a dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's vanilla statement.

    The EC could have done its best to ensure that when Yugoslavia started breaking up that no-one would benefit from membership if it did not respect the EC's fundamental values, particularly minority rights. No-one in the former Yug wanted to be an abused minority in another country. But the EC didn't give a flying fig about their own values and preferred to back nostalgic Ustasa loving Croatia and its Holocaust revisionist president. It then doubled down in Bosnia where it was fundamentally clear to everyone one that ignoring the views of one third of the population - essentially telling them to STFU and take any old S(£5 the West wished to shovel - that it wouldn't turn out well, not to mention backing an known Islamicist who publicly published, TWICE (again in 1990) his Islamic Declaration that saw no place or equality for non-moslems in Bosnia. They preferred to peddle the myth of him as a 'democrat' and being a supporter of a multi-ethnic state while at the same time doing their best to destroy a multi-ethnic state with many, many mixed marriages over decades.

    FtEU and its meaningless 'promises', 'commitments' and 'values'. You've already reaped what you sow in the form of refugees and now wahhabi inflitration in to the Balkans, gulf sponsorship and second homes for Saudis are a result.
    (EU Dude, 13 July 2017 16:54)

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