1. I wonder who came with that report, is the report based on the facts on the ground or it has been served to those who are to read and come up with a decision? How can you accept Serbia did a progress where you have a total different picture on the ground.

    Couple of days ago there was an incident involving elementray school students (14yr) where one roma boy was assaulted because he is roma! with the pretext that he cannot carry the serbian flag as he is a gypsy. (in serbian news: List "Danas" objavio je da je grupa osmaka u Osnovnoj školi "Karađorđe" pretukla dečaka Roma koji je držao srpsku zastavu rekavši mu da nema pravo da nosi tu zastavu zato što je "Ciganin".)

    How can all that racism and hatred be present on 14yr old children? Is that as a result of the older ones who educate the young ones. What are they teaching them in their homes and schools, what would become of them when they reach full adult age?

    (Kosovar, 14 June 2017 10:33)

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  2. Fajon: Da li ovakvu Srbiju želimo u EU? [link]
    (Avni, 14 June 2017 00:00)

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  3. More and more it is becoming clear the real agenda of EU in respect of Balkan states, the EU is not interested in expanding in this region however they are interested in keeping their own interests untouched. As for Serbia the EU will most probably will accept Serbia not because Serbia has met the EU criteria but to take it away from Russian influence a mistake that will costs a lot to EU in the future.

    As for the remaining Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia EU will keep on going with these kind of demands by making more and more harder for them not because they cannot fulfill but because the EU interest is different and time will tell.(known to me)

    (Kosovar, 12 June 2017 16:31)

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