1. Tirana Platform = Natural Albania = Greater Albania = big new war in the Balkans. Death & devastation yet again backed by the US & EU. Who are you going to blame this time? Not yourselves, the perennial innocent Albanians!
    (The End, 29 March 2017 11:07)

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  2. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has indigenous Albanians. They are of the region. Blame mother Bulgaria and the second Balkan War for that. They were there under the Greeks. They were there under the Romans. They were there under the Byzantines. They were there under the Ottomans. They were there under the Yugoslavs. They have been there longer than the current Slavs who only arrived 1300 years ago. They have more ancestral right to the land they call the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia that the pseudo Slavic Macedonians (Bulgarians) . They should be treated with respect . They are natives. Its the Bulgarian speaking Slavs that should be speaking Albanian not the other way around. Get with it Slavic Macedonia. Start embracing your real ancient people of the region and celebrate their linage Destroy your fake Hellenic statues and re brand yourselves in a correct multicultural, historical and scientific manner.
    (michael danias, 13 March 2017 23:16)

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  3. Micheal Danias I could NOT agree with you anymore .
    This ethnic Bulgarian reject of a nation with their fake history calling it self " Macedonia" would be charged with IDENTITY THEFT if they were individuals...
    They have nothing to do with Greeks or Greek-Macedonians...

    I love ❤ the part where you said " give it to the Albanians" cause it's so true but at the same time our cities in the Western half were never Slav infected anyways.

    This injustice with inevitably be rectified and peace and stability reestablished....

    The Greeks ,Bulgarians and responsible International Community must support our justified requests as it would benefit all including identity challenged Slav Bulgarian Greek wannnabees ......
    (Azir, 9 March 2017 14:47)

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  4. The country has already destroyed itself. When they allowed Gruevski to erect cheap Italian statues of Hellenic figures the place was doomed. we said nothing. He spent 680 million euros of our money falsifying a history. Anything that happens to Macedonia now is the fault of the Antiquated population who have been brainwashed and Gruevski. I wonder what Gruev and Delchev would have made of this mess. The diaspora criminals in Australia, USA and Canada are also to blame through their lack of education and ultra nationalism. They left here with a suitcase of old clothes and now fancy themselves as history professors. Let the Albanians have it. your greed for hellenic history and digging for something older that wasn't there has cost you your country. Admire Gruevski's statues and read your false encyclopedias because that's all that is left.
    “Goce Delchev and Dame Gruev used to pass Death Sentences to those who claimed the blood of Alexander runs in us“. You made Greater Albania possible by your actions. Don't blame Albania. Don't blame the Greeks. Don't blame Zaev. Don't blame Georgievski. Blame yourselves. You fly a flag with a Hellenic symbol (the star of Vergina). Shame on you. Our flag is a gold lion on a red background not some Hellenistic symbol. You are all embarrassing.
    (Michael danias, 9 March 2017 13:02)

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  5. It's amazing how Ivanov tries to make himself look like the victim, when he is looking for every excuse in the book to try to suppress the rights of Albanians.
    You should try democracy Mr. President. Give the mandate to the government that has the support of the majority of the people! It's as simple as that. Accept that your favorites lost.
    (Genti, 9 March 2017 07:00)

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  6. @ Azir
    I would like to think that Macedonians are much better than Serbs, however they have been deeply brainwashed after living in the same country with Serbs for decades. We have to give it some time to see how far their hatred for Albanians will go.
    We have to be ready for everything, but war should always be the last option. I agree with you though, if they cannot see Albanians as equals, there is no point living in the same country with them. We are done living like second class citizens. Enough is enough.
    (Genti, 9 March 2017 06:34)

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  7. Ivanov must end institutionalized discrimination of the indigenous Albanian natives...

    Does this Slav understand EQUALITY?

    Does he not know that with out our support he has NO GOVERNMENT?

    Options are limited.....

    Fairness and equal treatment or separation and geographical divorce....

    Not so complicated to understand ....
    even for a slav...

    I'm personally of the opinion that equality with Slavs is next to impossible therefore Plan B is to cut our loses and realign our Community with Kosova and Albania.

    Their Inat is making their worst nightmares become realized.....


    Greetings from the United States of Albania-USA🇦🇱🇺🇸🇽🇰
    (Azir, 8 March 2017 15:33)

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