1. It is pretty simple, your neighbors know you better and they behave accordingly. They know that what you call "Serbia's interests" are in direct conflict with their well-being. For example, in another article today, Dodik was talking about "Greater Serbia, which will include Montenegro, parts of Bosnia, and parts of Kosovo".

    As another example, in another article today, we read that the Serbian prosecution has apparently waited until the last second to "discover" new evidence against Haradinaj. The evidence against Haradinaj, apparently pops up when he gets arrested. It really looks like the Serbian prosecution got caught by surprise by the arrest: "I can't believe it happened, let me translate into French some new "evidence"".
    (Reader, 11 January 2017 21:02)

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  2. Dacic

    Peru lol? Peru is not worried about being associated with a war criminal country such as Serbia. Peru has's nothing to lose, Macedonia, Montenegro have a lot to lose. Your interests are not theirs, by your own definition they are defending their state.
    Understand that Serbia has committed war crimes, backed by your president milosecvic and everyone down the line. Serbia will never be able to turn it around, it just happened in the 90's and is fresh on everyone's mind.

    I understand elections are around the corner in Serbia, and this is what usually gets Serbian officials elected in Serbia. Which is really sad and shows how immature Serbian voters are to this day.
    (Guest, 11 January 2017 18:47)

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