1. Right after that a Palestinian terrorist attacked Israeli soldiers. Interesting.
    (Avni, 10 January 2017 00:48)

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  2. Paul : Third Reich who recruited Muslims to murder Serbs ... The only people who ever had a legitimate claim to being Palestinians were the early Zionists ...

    1/ Hitler never used any Arabs though some of them offered him hand. He could not accept Arab aid because he saw no difference between the Semites.

    2/ Bible Palestine was Crimea where Jesus was born in 1052.

    3/ After 70 years of Israel the archeologists of this country made a statement that there was not a single evidence that any of the Bible events had ever happtned in that land.

    4/ In 1798 Napoleon was sent to the ME to find a place for the future Jerusalem. He had to fight the Russian mamelukes and was defeated. But in 1811 the Brits landed there. They invited 800 top mamelukes for a holiday and massacred them to appoint the Saudis rule the lands. Only after that the construction of Jerusalem started in Al Quds village.

    5/ There were 3 Romes - the ancient (1st) in Alexandria, the Byzantine (2nd) and the Russian (3rd) in Veliki Novgorod. That's all - no Rome on the Appenines have ever existed outside paper fantasies.

    6/ Many countries and cities called themselves Israel in religious disputes. But most often Israelites (Богоборцы) were Slavs from Rus lands.

    7/ Since 17th century Israelites (Fighters for God) , Jews (followers of Judean religion) , Евреи (Those who praise God), Judeans (people of Anatol and Caucasus) became sinonimus ... So was raped the whole history of Slavs.
    (rote, 10 January 2017 00:10)

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  3. Sorry had to spread the news! 

    (Peter the Rocky

    Petar, Petar the friend of Serbian media :)
    What does that make you then?
    You visit and read Serbian free media EVERY day and comment on almost every article here.
    Is it because you love Serbia and Serbian media that much or are you maybe a paid Troll?
    However I am glad that you enjoy Serbian media since media freedom in other ex yu states are very limited. For example you cant find a similar tolerant media forum like this Serbian one in muslim media from Bosnia or Kosovo.
    I hope you keep on enjoying Serbian media :)
    (Srboslav, 9 January 2017 22:24)

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  4. Dacic has completely lost his mind, or maybe he never had one. Arafat was the nephew of Amin al Husseini, the WWII ally of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich who recruited Muslims to murder Serbs with the same abandon as the Croatians did. It was al Husseini who invented the fake ethnic identity of "Palestinian" in order to undermine the utterly legitimate claims that Zionism made for returning Jews to their native lands. The only people who ever had a legitimate claim to being Palestinians were the early Zionists whose call was for Jews to return to Palestine. The term "Palestine" was itself nothing but a name given to the region by the Romans who destroyed Israel and drove the Jews into exile and the places they still exist outside of Israel today.

    The Palestinian movement as represented by Arafat is nothing but an antisemitic cult whose sole motivation for existence is the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel.
    (Paul, 9 January 2017 18:31)

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  5. Arafat started his career as a terrorist but was poisoned as a Peace Noble Prize head of the autonomy. So as a FM Dacic had almost no choice. Relations between the Palestinians and the newcomers were spoiled before WW2 when Jews started to arrive to the place that Napoleon Bonapart had appointed as Jerusalem and Palestine in 1798. His choice was quite natural because there was no river other than the small spring called Jordan now. Besides he could not choose a place on the sea shore or any big water. So he chose this dead stone desert where there was only one Al Quds village with the mentioned spring. In the 18th century the Jews already believed that the real Jerusalem (on Bosphorus) and the real Palestine (Crimea) were both in this stone desert. Jews who never had a state of their own were rather well organized by mid 1780 and their bankers were the engine of the process. In every Israeli village you will find a Rothschield street now. During WW2 when we were saving the world a 130 000 men and women strong Jewish army was formed in Palestine but it did not move a finger to fight the Nazi. Just because they had arrived there for other purposes. It became evident in 1947 when the newcomers triggered terrorism in the region. They exploded 2 mules on 2 bazars killing 120 Arabs to terrify and thus to make them obey but it was a bad idea as it gave birth to the Arab terrorism called PLO first.

    (rote, 9 January 2017 14:17)

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  6. Sorry had to spread the news!
    (Peter the Rocky Mountains, 9 January 2017 13:50)

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  7. Independent Presevo, you a Zionist troll, not an Albanian.

    Why shouldn't Serbs support the Palestinians? They have suffered a similar occupation to that in Kosovo. Murder and theft have left much of Palestine in the hands of foreign born Jews. Murder and theft have left much of Kosovo in the hands of foreign born Albanians.

    Freedom for Palestine!

    Freedom for Kosovo!
    (Michael Thomas, 9 January 2017 13:02)

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  8. This is why Serbia will never be recognised on the world stage when Dacic states that Israel is very important to us, then visits the grave of Israel's greatest enemy and killer of Israeli citizens Yasser Arafat. Then goes onto state that Arafat was a friend of YU. Seriously.... what is it with you people and the fu*ked up obsession with defunct YU. He maybe a friend if YU but he was no friend if Serbia or is it like all the other republics have always been saying that the Serbs always considered YU to be their own. Sitting on the fence thinking that no one is noticing the stupid game you are playing. Russia / E.U Israel/ Palestine.. what's next Assad / ISIL.
    (Independent Presevo, 9 January 2017 11:52)

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