Ivan - Netrpeljivost -- Ivan- Intolerance

Intolerance - Ivan is a short movie about twenty year old Ivan Jokić whostudies molecular biology at the University of Belgrade. He travels toschool by taxi, carries a scalpel in his pocket, suffers from paranoia, andis often awakened in his sleep by nightmares. His entire look gives away his homosexuality. Ivan has seen some of his fears become reality and he begins to consider emigrating to Germany. It is apparent that "coming out" in society marked by nationalism, intolerance, and war is a life-threatening step. Despite his fears, Ivan does not intend to give up his right to publicly manifest his identity.Written by: Marina Seizović, Marko PopovicDirector: Marko PopovicEditor:Filip DedicSound: Vladimir JankovicPhoto: Zarko BogdanovicProduction: B92 (2001)


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