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17 November 2001

Resolution arising from the Prague workshop


  1. The conference participants would like to thank the International Center for Transitional Justice and the Mott Foundation for having made the conference possible.

  2. We are firmly committed to exploring all mechanisms and institutions to confront our region’s legacy of human rights abuse and on this basis to promote genuine reconciliation and coexistence.

  3. We are committed to strengthening regional communication and the sharing of information and ideas in this regard.

  4. We wish to meet again within 6 months to discuss the possibility of formalizing this regional cooperation.


Velimir Curgus
Fund for an Open Society – Yugoslavia

Ljubodrag Dimic
FRY Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Jakob Finci
Association “Truth and Reconciliation” - Sarajevo

Drinka Gojkovic
“Truth, Responsibility and Reconciliation” Documentation Center

Dobrila Govedarica
Open Society Fund - Bosnia

Zdravko Grebo
Sarajevo Law Center

Hazim Kazic
Association “Truth and Reconciliation” - Sarajevo

Aleksandar Lojpur
FRY Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Veran Matic
Radio B92

Radmila Nakarada
FRY Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Senka Nozica
Open Society Fund – Bosnia

Aleksandar Popov
Center for Regionalism – Novi Sad

Cedo Prodanovic
Lawyer - Zagreb

Zoran Pusic
The Civil Committee for Human Rights - Zagreb

Vesna Rakic-Vodinelic
Institute of Comparative Law - Belgrade

Tomislav Reskovac
Open Society Institute – Croatia

Vehid Sehic
Citizens Forum - Tuzla

Nusreta Sivac
Association of Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vesna Terselic
Center for Peace Studies - Zagreb

Maja Uzelac
Small Step – Zagreb

Ivan Vejvoda
Fund for an Open Society – Yugoslavia


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