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Vesna Lausic,
Slobodna Dalmacija, www.slobodnadalmacija.hr

Hedl and Baljak managed to make a moving documentary which will leave no one indifferent. Film is scheduled to premiere in Belgrade in three days

The long-awaited film Vukovar: Final Cut by Belgrade director Janko Baljak and Osijek journalist Drago Hedl finally premiered at a press screening in the Tuskanac cinema.

Produced by the Belgrade television B92, the film tries to reconstruct what went down in Vukovar during the six months, since the beginning of May till its fall on November 18, in 1991, by providing statements from the participants in the tragic events – victims, but also war lords. Film begins and ends with a trial and conviction of criminals in Belgrade, and after a brief overview of the nationalist context (on both sides), with lot of previously unseen archive footage, Vukovar: Final Cut brings testimonies from Vukovar women whose sons, husbands and brothers were executed in Ovcara, Doctor Vesna Bosanac and defenders headed by Branko Borkovic and Marin "Bili" Vidic. Their roles in the horrific events will be explained by Tomislav Mercep, General Martin Spegelj, Ivan Vekic and Ferdinand Jukic, as well as Serbian author Brana Crncevic, General Aleksandar Vasiljevic and the three Serbian soldiers.

"For the first time the film presents both sides, those who attacked and who defended Vukovar. We did not want to equalize them, because that is not how it happened; our intention, as in every journalist work or a trial, was to hear out the other side, in order to tell the story about one of the most painful Croatian subjects fair and square," co-scripter Drago Hedl told the press conference. There will be much discussion whether he and the director and the numerous contributors succeeded in their intentions, but one thing is certain: Hedl and Baljak managed to do a moving documentary which will leave no one indifferent. Film will premiere in Belgrade in three days, and it remains unknown where the general public would be able to see it – on public televisions both in Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro, in theatres or someplace else.


Final Cut contending for the Heart of Sarajevo
On Monday, August 21, the 12th Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) Documentary selection will screen a B92 production documentary directed by Janko Baljak: “Vukovar – Final Cut”. SFF Documentary selection will present the films that are mostly dealing with the subject of the quest for the truth. More...


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