First joint Serbian-Croatian film on Vukovar

B. Pavelić,
Glas Slavonije,

The Final Cut is the title of the documentary produced by Belgrade's B92 on the Vukovar tragedy that has just been finalized by the Feral Tribune editor Drago Hedl as the film's author and Belgrade director Janko Baljak as the film's director. It consists of 40-minute three parts in which roughly seventy participants in the events taking place between the warring sides, with the help of extensive archive material, reconstruct the Vukovar events between the first multi-party elections in April 1990 and the Ovcara massacre in November 1991 and the subsequent Belgrade trial of the crime's perpetrators in 2005.

"We hope we succeeded in making a film in the best tradition of the BBC documentaries. We attempted to make a story without a single comment, which would, with the assistance of archive illustrations, be narrated by participants on both sides", our paper was told by Janko Baljak, author of several films on contemporary Serbia's taboos such as war crimes, crime and economic breakdown. His most famous film is probably The Crime That Changed Serbia, a documentary on the Serbian underworld.

"Vukovar: The Final Cut is an authentic story that may not be to everyone's liking because it has the other side in it too. But, according to my firm professional belief, the story which has no other side is not told to the end. We wanted to present the views of as many direct participants in the events as possible and let the viewers come to their own conclusions," explained film's author Drago Hedl.

Authors used previously unseen archive material from the military, private and other sources in Serbia, including, for example, unpublished footage of Blago Zadro, and unreleased footage of the famous event when a bomb dropped through all the floors of the Vukovar hospital down to the basement but failed to explode. Among others, they have talked to Tomislav Mercep, Vesna Bosanac, Branko Borkovic, Marin Vidic Bili, Martin Spegelj, Ivan Vekic, Rade Leskovac, the defenders of Vukovar, Brana Crncevic, Vojislav Stanimirovic, Serb volunteers, members of the White Eagles paramilitary... The film sheds some new light on many events, such as the massacre in Borovo Selo, departure of Tomislav Mercep from Vukovar, crimes, arming of the Croatian formations... "We have attempted to approach the material from all sides. Film introduces us to the war in Vukovar and attempts to reveal everything that has happened and why there of all places," said Drago Hedl. Film is scheduled to premiere at the coming festival of documentaries in Zagreb in February.


Final Cut contending for the Heart of Sarajevo
On Monday, August 21, the 12th Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) Documentary selection will screen a B92 production documentary directed by Janko Baljak: “Vukovar – Final Cut”. SFF Documentary selection will present the films that are mostly dealing with the subject of the quest for the truth. More...


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