[Ring Ring/B92]
[CD 204]

Boris Kovac- instrumentalist (saxophone, clarinet), arranger, composer and music theoretician - one of the most versatile Serbian musicians of the last two decades. With his two albums Ritual Nova (Uj Symposion, Novi Sad) and Ritual Nova 2 (ReR, London) he earned a prestigious international reputation. A specific fusion of classical, jazz and chamber music together with improvisations combining rich traditions that originate from the region of Vojvodina, resulted in another series of albums in the course of the nineties. ''The Last Balkan Tango'' could be seen as a turning point in Kovac’s work. More relaxed than ever,


[CD 104]

The new album by Neocekivena sila... is creatively, and production-wise, a leap ahead of the band’s earlier outings. Tuneful and more relaxed than ever, under the steady hand of producer Dusan “Koja” Kojic, the band has managed to accomplish an unexpected fusion of slow beat, jazz and film noir atmosphere together with a couple of charming retro excursions.

[CD 202]

The follow-up to the most successful local ethno compilation, Serbia Sounds Global, presents stars such as Saban Bajramovic, Lajko Felix and Boban Markovic, rediscovers cult figures such as Aca Sisic and delivers a lot of surprises in the form of new tracks by Ognjen and Friends and exceptional contributions by the young representatives of the local scene (Beogradska calgija, Zorule, Belo platno and others).

[CD MC/102]

After a four-year break, one of the most significant local bands of the 90s has a publishing house and a new album.

Everest is Eva Braun's most complex album to date. Whilst marking a return to playing with the pop idioms that characterised their masterpiece Pop music (B92, 1995), in terms of style Everest is Eva Braun's most diverse album. More than any of its predecessors, the album encapsulates the entire musical experience that the band and its members lived through. Inflammatory rock songs, ethereal ballads, unpretentious pop vignettes, even a dash of reggae, harmoniously coexist on an album that sets new standards in arrangement and production on the local music scene.

With this album, Eva Braun prove they are still unprecedented champions of an often neglected, but precious discipline - impeccable guitar pop.


[CD 103]

It was about time to put certain things in their places - upside down. Ancient rock'n'roll myths about living fast and dying faster never really made any sense in Serbia. But even if they ever did, they had been terminally shattered during the past 10 years of The Great Confusion. Speed and selfdestructiveness became the insignia of another culture, another civilisation, one that grew in place of "the life we once knew".

Darkwood Dub are perfectly aware of that and they allow themselves to play and wrestle with the concept of the inevitable - nothing is the same anymore, no matter how familiar it seems. Neither we, nor our music.

This album is just like that - from nervous electronic ticking of "Vrtlog Vira" to the resignated disco-lullaby of "Zivot Pocinje u 30 -oj", Darkwood Dub are leaving traces that make the journey through their intimate world both easy and intriguing. Almost three years after "Elektropionir", some lessons are to be repeated, new ones to be learned. Sandstorms, baobabs, continents, whirlpools and cold suns are entering the story of lost time and youth set asleep. The story that is just being unfolded.

The album in first degree? Don't trust anyone over thirty.


[Ring Ring/B92]
[CD 203]

The Boban Markovic Orchestra has been the leading brass band in Serbia over the last 10 years. The group has received a number of awards ("Golden Trumpet", "First Trumpet" and "The Best Orchestra") at the "Dragacevski Sabor" brass band meeting and competition in Guca, held every August Central Serbia since 1961. At last year's Sabor, the Boban Markovic Orchestra, playing material from the forthcoming "Bistra Reka" CD, won "The First Trumpet" - officially the top prize.
In the recording of "Bistra Reka" the regular brass band sound was improved by the addition of another percussionist and sax player. The orchestra's fifth release presents a band at the height of its maturity with great tunes such as Frank London's "TT" or the traditional "Bolujem Ja" and "Grom Cocek".
The Boban Markovic Orchestra had a hugely successful concert season last year (International New Jazz Festival Moers, Pepsi Sziget in Budapest in front of over 15,000 people...) and this year they have an even busier schedule, touring Hungary and playing in Spain, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, France and Poland.

"Bringing the emerging talents of Belgrade's finest to a wider audience, B92's sub label Stereo Freeze document more of the scene's outstanding cuts. Not focussing on one genre specifically, "Belgrade Coffee Shop 2" offers house, downtempo and breaks delights. The quality of production here is outstanding, and this CD is a perfect showcase for the music of the Balkans. Vulkan's "Evening" is a shimmering jazz stepping key ode, with strolling percussion and a beautiful vibraphone. Speed Limit's "Are You Ready?" ups the tempo, using superlative vocals, flashy percussion and smooth soulful keys, to produce a flowing House ride. Jerema's "Kadett" cruises along, with a harmonious guitar, steadily travelling percussion and an earthy bass. Switch Mono Vs Natural Born's "Streetwise" takes conga led percussion, a gutsy bass and spoke vocal, to create something quite different. This compilation is a must, for those who are open minded, and want something new and exciting." Jon Freer, mart 2002
Jon Freer is a reviewer and writer for: housemusic.com, vybemuzik.com, XLR8R Magazine, www.selekta.com, untitledmusic.co.uk, Steel Press, pitchadjust.com, Feedback Magazine, deephousenetwork.com, beats.to, funk-me.com, offitsface.com, breakevencrew.com, overloadmedia.co.uk, quadrastate.co.uk, hotwatermusic.co.uk, housecollective.org, capitolvibes.com, djriri.com, hulagroove.com, puredm.com, etc

[CD 303]

The new Jarboli album strengthens the musical and poetic values of the debut "Dobrodosli" (Welcome) (B92, 1999): "Suvisna sloboda" (Excess Freedom) is an album in which pop melody is crossed with influences reaching towards the psychedelic sixties and the new wave of the early eighties - intimate lyrical sketches which, in a simple and effective way, communicate directly with the listener.

MP3 download: JARBOLI - HAJDE

[Stereo Freeze/B92]
[CD 302]

Following the Belgrade Coffee Shop compilation and the joint album by Jazzva and Speed Limit (Belgrade Coffee Shop Sessions Vol. 1) B92 and its sub-label Stereo Freeze continues their presentation of the local electronic music scene. This album features eleven tracks of which nine are exclusive recordings made specially for this release or the rare works of projects no longer around today.


[Stereo Freeze/B92]
[CD 301]

Split album by two most prominent projects from Belgrade electronic/club scene contains new material prepared earlier this year and first presented at the launch party for "Belgrade Coffee Shop" european release in club Batofar, Paris.

From subtle electronica ("Waiting") to irresistible deep house mantra of "New Day", from unmistakable pop-house gems ("Are You Ready") to uplifting dancefloor groove of "Power Baby", this release gives a perfect insight into Jazzva's and Speed Limit's current creative potential.


[Ring Ring/B92]
[CD 201]

Following the path of the "Srbija: Sounds Global" release, the B92 record label continues the concept of a consecutive presentation of the Serbian World Music scene. On their debut album "Balkan Rumba", Ognjen i Prijatelji present a compelling and skilful approach to the music of the Balkans. Simultaneously composer, score writer and soloist, playing three instruments (clarinet, saxophone, caval) Ognjen Popovic, alongside his friends-musicians, shows both courage and competence in creating a new musical space from familiar sounds. His compositions are a concoction of everything inherent to the Balkans: a rebellious nature, despair, wailing, immense sorrow, unrestrained temperament and a joy for life.


[CD 010]

A night cruise through Belgrade... They have no money, no petrol, no girlfriends, but what they have is a plan that's not so perfect.... Eyesburn, KKN, Darkwood Dub, Sila, MC Flex...The first serbian soundtrack with happyending.


[CD 009]

Almost five years since their debut album, one of the country’s most talented bands step back into the spotlight with their second studio album, the first recorded for our house.
Veliki Prezir is one of the highest quality bands to have emerged in Serbia in recent years, but due to various circumstances (misunderstandings with the previous promoter and personal changes) has not had the opportunity to express its creative potential to the full. The recording and release of their second album was planned for summer 1999, the rehearsal recordings were made in autumn 1999, and Veliki Prezir finally entered the studio in May 2000. Less than a year later, the album before us, according to the initial reactions of local music circles, is an authentic masterpiece of modern guitar rock expression. It is an emotional and mature album that qualifies with ease as the very peak of domestic production, limited not just to this year.


[CD/MC 008]

This release presents one of the most vital music scenes in Serbia in the past few years. Featuring best brass orchestras and winners of Guca Festival (Boban Markovic's and Mica Petrovic's), multi-talented composer and violinist Lajko Felix and most respected vocalists, like Pavle Aksentijevic and Svetlana Spajic - to mention just a few - this CD is an amazing journey through the living musical tradition of Serbia and The Balkans. The variety of styles and approaches brings brilliant interpretations of musical heritage, as well as intriguing fusions of wider influences and ingredients. This music is much more than just an ethnology exhibit - it summons the spirits whose presence makes any great music of the world "our" music.


[CD/MC 007]

Eyesburn, one of the most exciting Serbian bands, finally fulfill their potential on their second album, channeling the strength of their live shows into a focused energy blast. Hardcore, reggae and ska ingredients are not just sonic decoration, but integral parts of aesthetics equally recognizable in urban ghettoes wordwide.

MP3 dowload: EYESBURN - SUN

[CD/MC 006]

When Ring Ring Festival was started in 1996, it was aimed at introducing all kinds of New Music to Yugoslav audience - from avant-rock and free jazz to improvized electro-acoustic contemporary music. Previous Ring Ring compilations presented material from 1996 and 1997, while this CD contains recordings from 1998 and 1999. In 1999 the festival was held simultaneously on several locations around the world - Bologna, Tokyo, Stirling (Scotland) as well as Belgrade. Featuring Filament, Steve Buchanan, N.O.R.M.A. & Chris Cutler and many others, this release is an exquisite document of a stage in the Ring Ring's development.


[CD/MC 005]

It's hard to pronounce their name, even if you speak their native language, but this, the third release of KKN, marks the post Kosovo-crises times both with music and messages (now in English). This is the unique sound - rooted in universal power of reggae, heavily influenced by elemental energy of African beats, not to mention improvisation techniques abound... Lyrics by their frontman, Oliver Nektarijevic, are the essential poetic experience for understanding the overall feeling of being left over behind the civilized world, shared by the young generation in the Balkans. KKN are the bittersweet sound of the Other Serbia.

MP3 download: KKN - OPERATE

[CD/MC 004]

Serbia 2000 – navel of the Balkans, troubled underbelly of Europe. A new breed of musical otherness coming through…
Belgrade’s Radio B2-92 and FreeB92 label present the selection of 12 exclusive tracks from some of the most talented artists on local electronic music community. Downtempo and with a bit of drum & bass, deep house, jazzy hip-hop, beats and loops, this compilation is not to be viewed as a cross-section of a scene, simply because there is no such thing in Serbia. It is rather a peek into creative minds of enduring individuals who pursued their musical vision in the land of no opportunities.
100% adrenaline-free collection of tunes from the place where apathy meets devastation…

A review from Muzik magazine (London) - JPG file (131k)


[CD/MC 003]

Remastered reissue of a record (originally released on Radio B92 label in 1997) that will arguably remain the highest creative achievement and most exciting expression in Yugoslav pop of the late nineties. At their beginnings, KKN's childishly playful yet corrosive mixture of jazz-funk-punk has drawn attention to a brand new generation of rock musicians - the last one that remembered pre-war times and the first one destined to work in isolation. KKN on this album create a moving experience that rises above the wasteland of personal and social torment, offering a possible story of a generation, as well as astounding pop modernity.

MP3 dowload: KKN - BICU DOBRO

[CD/MC 002]

This compilation was conceived at the end of 1998 as a Radio B92's 10th anniversary release. There was no strict or pretentious concept to it, except that some of the best contemporary Yugoslav bands play covers of their favourite Yugoslav pop songs.
By the time of the anniversary, when the album was due for release in May 1999, the concept of life in Serbia was somewhat different than we could have ever imagined - there was a war going on and Radio B92 was taken over by the regime.
Now that the album is finally compiled and released, it is not intended to mark a delayed anniversary of a radio station, even if it's the original Radio B92. Stripped of all additional meanings and concepts, it is merely what any musical release should be - quality music important for those who created it, as well as for those aimed at. Both have been listening to us and supporting us through all these years and that is our supreme reward.


[CD/MC 001]

Belgrade cult band Darkwood Dub adds a new dimension to their creative world with their fourth album. It’s a stimulating mix of dance music influences and alternative rock with the occasional touch of dub and afro. The milestone album of 1999, Elektropionir (named after once popular science toy-kit) is the vehicle which has thrust Belgrade's alternative favourites into the mainstream.



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