B92 CD 009
Released: 22/03/2001

Veliki prezir - Moram da znam
[duration: 4:07]
[file size: 3.6 MB]






1. Moram da znam
2. Sutra
3. Neobična sumnja
4. Hej!
5. Revolucija

6. Promene
7. Budi sigurna
8. Danima
9. Snaga motorna / Sila svetova







Korak napred, 2 koraka nazad
Eva Braun

Almost five years since their debut album, one of the country’s most talented bands step back into the spotlight with their second studio album, the first recorded for our house.
Veliki Prezir is one of the highest quality bands to have emerged in Serbia in recent years, but due to various circumstances (misunderstandings with the previous promoter and personal changes) has not had the opportunity to express its creative potential to the full. The recording and release of their second album was planned for summer 1999, the rehearsal recordings were made in autumn 1999, and Veliki Prezir finally entered the studio in May 2000. Less than a year later, the album before us, according to the initial reactions of local music circles, is an authentic masterpiece of modern guitar rock expression. It is an emotional and mature album that qualifies with ease as the very peak of domestic production, limited not just to this year.



Veliki prezir - Okean [4.0 MB]

Jarboli - Hajde [3.2 MB]

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