B92 CD 209
Released: 21/05/2004

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1. Orkestar Marka Markovica - Hansko svitanje
2. Lelo Nika - Roots
3. Usti Opre All Stars - Zvezdani cocek
4. Svetlana Spajic Latinovic - Slegnem dole u livade
5. Kal - Kali Phuv
6. Serboplov - Bojerka
7. Sasa Stanojevic - Fantazija

8. Dragan Dimic Dimke - Balkansko hodocasce
9. Bokan Stankovic - Gajdasko kolo
10. Aleksandar Sisic - Devojacka igra
11. Kladenac - Imam muza kolko puza
12. Earth-Wheel-Sky Ensemble - Desperados
13. Balkanto Vero - Waiting
14. Boris Kovac Ladaaba Orchest - Midnight Memoires







Srbija Sounds Global 2
Orkestar Bobana Markovica Ognjen i prijatelji
Srbija Sounds Global

The third installment of the most successful domestic series of releases uncovers news artists such as the Marko Markovic Orchestra and Serboplov, for whom this will be their first officially released material, as well as established acts like Earth-Wheel-Sky and Boris Kovac, not to mention attractions such as Usti Opre All Stars, which features Boban Markovic and a cast of Europe’s most elite Roma musicians. For the first time in Southeastern Serbian music, courtesy of Bokan Stankovic, accordion virtuoso Lelo Nika makes an appearance along with everything else you’ve come to expect from this series; wind, brass and string instruments, both ancient and contemporary ethno music and numerous added surprises.



Ognjen i prijatelji - Balkan Rumba [3.1 MB]

Orkestar Bobana Markovica - Otpisani [4.5 MB]

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