B92 CD 008
Released: 20/11/2000

Ognjen i prijatelji - Balkan Rumba
[duration: 3:54]
[file size: 3.1 MB]






1. Ognjen i prijatelji - Balkan Rumba
2. Lajko Felix i Boban Marković orkestar - Felix kolo
3. Orkestar Milovana Miće Petrovića - Idem putem pesma s ori
4. Drina - Što Morava mutna teče
5. Earth-Wheel-Sky Ensemble - Rroma Adagio
6. Lajko Felix - Citeras

7. Darko Macura - Rudarima Balkana
8. Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijević - Oz dol ide
9. Svetlana Spajić - Gde si bilo jare moje
10. Vladimir Nikić - Accordion
11. Boban Marković orkestar - Momina igra
12. Boris Kovač & Ladaaba Orchest - The Last Balkan Tango







Srbija Sounds Global 2
Orkestar Bobana Markovica Ognjen i prijatelji

This release presents one of the most vital music scenes in Serbia in the past few years. Featuring best brass orchestras and winners of Guca Festival (Boban Markovic's and Mica Petrovic's), multi-talented composer and violinist Lajko Felix and most respected vocalists, like Pavle Aksentijevic and Svetlana Spajic - to mention just a few - this CD is an amazing journey through the living musical tradition of Serbia and The Balkans. The variety of styles and approaches brings brilliant interpretations of musical heritage, as well as intriguing fusions of wider influences and ingredients. This music is much more than just an ethnology exhibit - it summons the spirits whose presence makes any great music of the world "our" music.



Orkestar Bobana Markovica - Otpisani [4.5 MB]

Ognjen i prijatelji - Babylein [3.0 MB]

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