B92 CD 210
Released: 25/11/2004

Stani, stani Ibar vodo!
[duration: 6:08]
[file size: 5.62 MB]






1. Kraljevo kolo
2. Bojerka
3. Stani, stani Ibar vodo!
4. Iz Banata
5. Trojanac
6. Oj, javore, javore
7. Biserka

8. Moravac
9. Arapsko kokonjeste
10. Tamo - 'amo
11. Srba
12. Ukor
13. Oj Moravo!







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Boris Kovac & Ladaaba Orchest - Ballads at the End of Time


The Serboplov project came about after the realization that there is currently no quality promotion of traditional Serbian music and genres that reflect it. The material which the Serboplov group presents is rooted in Serbian musical traditions and is chronologically linked with the transition between the 19th and 20th century and can be defined as the music of urbane Serbia. The fact is that this genre has been neglected for over half a century, especially in terms of making changes in arrangements in accordance to our day and age. The initial intention of Serboplov is to call attention to a part of our cultural inheritance which once carried the populist culture and to present folk as something that can sound fresh and timely without intruding on its original form. It is also an effort to revive a way of performing music that was once an everyday occurrence but is rarely seen in today’s world. Serboplov does not just play old scores, rather creates a new sound using old melodies and rhythmic characteristics as a basis, that are reminiscent of the “acoustic” tradition of this era and stylistically unite this music which was once played in cafes, bars, hotels and other places of public importance.

Serboplov’s founding member, Bogdan Rankovic is a clarinet player with a degree from the Novi Sad Academy of Art. In a cross section of various musical genres, he has built his own style based on folk and jazz, as well as classical music. Rankovic is joined by his collaborator of many years, Boris Kovac, with whom he has recorded many albums and played all around the world with, from Tokyo to Edinburgh. Violin players Nenad Vrbaski and Slavica Rankovic, viola player Aleksandar Stepanovic and double bass player Milos Matic round out the team of musicians which make up Serboplov.

“When played by Serboplov, 'Stani, Stani Ibar Vodo' is reminiscent of a David Lynch movie. If this is our ticket for a trip back to the future, sign me up."
Djordje Tomic



Ognjen i prijatelji - Balkan Rumba [3.6 MB]

Orkestar Bobana Markovica - Bistra Reka [5.1 MB]

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