B92 CD 205
Released: 14/05/2003

Ferus Mustafov - Orient Čoček
[duration: 7:07]
[file size: 6.5 MB]






1. Esma Redžepova - Hajri ma te dike
2. Earh Wheel Sky Band - Dance Rromalen
3. Fulgerica & The Mahala Gypsies - Briu de la Buzau
4. Romano Drom - Pujari Szomasz
5. Istanbul Oriental Ensemble - Zennube
6. Fanfare Ciocarlia - Doina si balasenca

7. Ferus Mustafov - Orient čoček
8. Kal - Đelem, Đelem
9. Jony Iliev & the Band - Ma devla
10. Boban Marković orkestar - Sanjam čoček
11. Taraf de haidouks - Pelin bau, pelin maninc







Srbija Sounds Global 2
Boris Kovač
Ognjen i prijatelji

B92 music presents the latest release on its Ring Ring label: Rromano Suno, a sampler of Balkan Roma music. This CD continues the exploration of contemporary world music which began with Srbija Sounds Global and continued through Boban Markovic, Ognjen i prijatelji, Boris Kovac and Srbija Sounds Global 2. At the same time it gives a nod to the earlier promotion of Roma culture and music in the Aven Romalen series.

The Ring Ring festival and a number of individual concerts have given the Belgrade audience an opportunity to meet the major artists from the wealth of Roma musical tradition, from both Serbia and abroad.

Rromano Suno is a sampler which includes almost all the important current Roma artists and orchestras, from the globally popular Romanian orchestras Fanfare Giocarlia and Taraf De Haidouks, the phenomenal Istanbul Oriental Ensemble from Turkey, the uncrowned queen of Roma song, Esma Redzepova and Boban Markovic, the hottest brass band in Serbia, to intriguing new bands such as Kal (Serbia), the Johnny Iliev Band (Bulgaria), Macedonian virtuoso Ferus Mustafov, the most popular new Romanian group, Fulgerica, and the Pannonian adventurers Earth Wheel Sky and Romano Drom from Hungary.

B92 is particularly grateful to the Serbia-Montenegro Ministry for Human and Minority Rights and the Serbian Culture Ministry who assistance was crucial to both the series of concerts and this release.

At the end of this very important phase of B92 music's global concept, we recommend this CD for your careful listening and enjoyment: you will find there all the passion and joie de vivre which characterise Roma music.



Ognjen i prijatelji - Kadenca [4.2 MB]

Orkestar Bobana Markovica - Otpisani [4.5 MB]

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