B92 CD 111
Released: 20.07.2005.

Komedija, tragedija, drama
[duration: 4.33]
[file size: 6.4 MB]






1. Komedija, tragedija, drama (6.4 MB)
2. Demode
3. Adrenalin
4. Ašik mlaka vodo meraklijska
5. Turbo folk
6. Hit ljeta, mega remix
7. Plastik fantastik
8. Dik tu kava
9. Regiment po cesi gre

10. Bumbarov let
11. Čokmude
12. Paparazzo
13. Ljubičica
14. Još jedno vruće pivo
15. Maroko, zvanična verzija
16. Rasta mana kafu prži
17. Ich Glaube Die Liebe
18. Predrasude







Darkwood Dub - Život počinje u 30-oj
Belgrade Coffee Shop 2
KKN - Become

B92 Music Production has the pleasure of announcing the beginning of cooperation with one of the most significant and certainly the most subversive and original musicians from Serbia&Montenegro – Rambo Amadeus. A product of two years worth of studio toil Oprem Dobro is the essence chosen from many tracks created by Rambo during this period. A truly fully loaded edition.

You can be sure of hearing the «Best of Rambo» in more than 70 minutes, besides his recognizable Rabelaisian associative lyrics Oprem Dobro is a fusion of impossibilities, a trip through subtle irony and burlesque. A fine meltdown from jazzy funk fusion to genres named and others yet waiting to be discovered. It is the most accomplished music created by the author and his band at their creative peak. Their frenetic performance at the EXIT festival this summer was a culmination of a long run of concerts throughout Europe and the Balkans.

The Maestro of merciless lucid vivisection of the latest idiocies that catch his critical whim, Rambo is the one and only to insist releasing his new music during summer mid-season. He is allowed to create the sound that is beyond the common rules of music, market, or music press.

He needs no recommendation or wild critical praise. He is Rambo!!! He is Amadeus!!! His reputation is all the praise he requires.




Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Vrtlog vira [8.1 MB]

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