B92 CD 305
Released: 17/05/2004

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1. Medicine Man
2. Another One
3. Drive On
4. Jazzonized
5. Intro 4 d end of the world
6. Piano lover

7. Roses
8. Facon d'Aimer
9. Psycho Chief
10. La Maison Moderne Remix
11. Watermark Commission
12. Agua del Cielo







Belgrade Coffee Shop 3
J.U.S.T. - Searching
Belgrade Coffee Shop 2

It’s somewhat paradoxical that Novi Sad’s Modern Quartet are among the most regular participants on the Belgrade Coffee Shop compilations. This eclectic group of artists along with their friends and collaborators, from musicians Vanjus, Leka and Daniel (aka Mastabear) to comic book artist Zoran Janjetov, have cemented the band’s place in the domain of electronic music here in Serbia, at the same time breaking into the global market. At the request of the elite Belgian label Crammed Disc, Modern Quartet have done remixes for Suba’s “Tributo” album and Kochani Orchestra’s “Electric Gypsyland”, alongside an impressive list of artists (Juryman, Arto Lindsay, Shantel, Bigga Bush, Phil Asher) while the cover artwork for these releases, along with the new MQ album, was created by Zoran Janjetov.

MQ’s debut album “The Dark Side of the Mood” implants a cosmopolitan sound of modern electronic music onto the scene, transcending borders and presenting personal reflections by colliding musical styles and singing in a variety of different languages, sometimes all within the confines of one song.

The result is a subtle blend of various forms of downtempo, jazz, deep house and broken beat filtered through the talents and fine taste of these passionate consumers of modern electronic and dance music. In addition, the already recognizable MQ sound receives a breath of fresh air with the appearance of Mastabear, whose songwriting and suggestive voice and lyrics dominate the vocal part of MQ’s repertoire. With this album, MQ presents itself as a candidate for the title of local champion in the realm of freeform creativity, which in the end translates into a strange and exotic artistic voyage from the first musical tone to the last tiny scribble on the album’s inspired cover art.



Speed Limit - Are You Ready [4.1 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

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