B92 CD 002
Released: 06/12/1999

Veliki prezir - Okean
[duration: 4:25]
[file size: 4.0 MB]






1. Eva Braun - Ne dozvoli
2. Eyesburn - Šejn
3. Popcycle - Zaboravit ću sve
4. Kanda Kodža i Nebojša - Manitua mi II
5. Veliki prezir - Okean

6. Kristali - Baby, baby
7. Neočekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i rešava stvar - Devojka iz drugog sveta
8. Plejboj - Sad se jasno vidi
9. Jarboli - Đavoli







Veliki prezir
Eva Braun

This compilation was conceived at the end of 1998 as a Radio B92's 10th anniversary release. There was no strict or pretentious concept to it, except that some of the best contemporary Yugoslav bands play covers of their favourite Yugoslav pop songs.
By the time of the anniversary, when the album was due for release in May 1999, the concept of life in Serbia was somewhat different than we could have ever imagined - there was a war going on and Radio B92 was taken over by the regime.
Now that the album is finally compiled and released, it is not intended to mark a delayed anniversary of a radio station, even if it's the original Radio B92. Stripped of all additional meanings and concepts, it is merely what any musical release should be - quality music important for those who created it, as well as for those aimed at. Both have been listening to us and supporting us through all these years and that is our supreme reward.



Veliki prezir - Moram da znam [3.6 MB]

Jarboli - Hajde [3.2 MB]

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