B92 CD 304
Released: 19/12/2003

Just - Dance With Me sample
[duration: 1:27 ]
[file size: 1.33 MB]






1. searching 3:53
2. dance with me 3:30 (sample, 1:27, 1.33 MB)
3. nobody knows 4:16 (sample, 1:08, 1.05 MB)
4. sexy things 3:14
5. sunrise 5:29

6. true love 4:59
7. you can do it 5:58
8. nobody knows (for jehlicka mix) 4:45
9. dance with me (groovin' mix) 5:42
10. searching (elevator mix) 5:25 (1:08, 1.05 MB)







Belgrade Coffee Shop 3
Speed Limit / Jazzva
Belgrade Coffee Shop 2

After the pilot single “True Love”, released on the Belgrade Coffee Shop Vol.3 album in summer 2003, the J.U.S.T. duo of Hana Vucicevic and Boris Krstajic (formerly of Speed Limit), finally present their debut album “Searching”.

Though clearly house in orientation, this album is unmistakably dramatic. In the tracks like “Dance With Me” or “Searching” classic dance patterns are shaped into superb pop arrangements. The balance between a well calculated populist approach and a sharp sophistication is apparent in the occasional twists of the genre – the down tempo RnB adventure “Sexy Things” or the memorably rockish “Nobody Knows”. Superior deep house moments like “Sunrise” and “You Can Do It”, as well as a remix of the first single and title track, appropriately complete this exceptional release.

Outgrowing the limits of the current domestic dance scene, “Searching” demonstrates intriguing standards of production and maturity of song-writing. Combining trademark vocals, guitar and percussion, old-school synth sounds, deft programming and strict rhythmic structures, with unique sensibility and skill of composition J.U.S.T. have created arguably the first great album of the new era of dance music on the local scene.



Ognjen i prijatelji - Balkan Rumba [3.6 MB]

Orkestar Bobana Markovica - Bistra Reka [5.1 MB]

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