B92 CD 107
Released: 29/05/2003

Eyesburn - Agony
[duration: 3:27]
[file size: 3.0 MB]






1. Ras
2. Material
3. Agony
4. All Right
5. Soja
6. Shine
7. Solid

8. Our Time
9. Eat the Ground
10. Lyrical
11. War to Dem Media
12. Let Dem Pray
13. Poorman's Cry
14. Cool Fire







Eyesburn - Fool Control
Munje! OST
Korak napred, 2 koraka...

B92 Music Production is proud to present Solid, the new album from Eyesburn. This is the band’s fifth album and marks Eyesburn’s welcome return to the B92 label, for which they recorded their most mature release to date, the album Fool Control (FreeB92CD 007, 2000).

“Solid” is a new level of the band’s development, with all Eyesburn’s recognisable characteristics, a firm sound, excellent production, unrestrained energy and the unique blend of reggae and hardcore have been honed to perfection on this album.

The album, which is produced by Sasa Jankovic, presents fourteen songs, with a total duration of more than fifty minutes. The video for the first single, “Agony”, was made by Andrija Dabic and Kosta Glusica. The sleeve, inspired by a sculpture by Borivoje Kojic, was designed by Ninoslav Filipovic.



Eyesburn - Sun [3.8 MB]

Kanda Kodža i Nebojša - Operate [3.7 MB]

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