B92 CD 103
Released: 25/06/2002

Darkwood Dub - Vrtlog vira
[duration: 5:54]
[file size: 8.1 MB]






1. Vrtlog vira
2. Steppin' Out
3. Nova dostignuća
4. Srebrna kap
5. Repetitor

6. M. Jugin
7. Baobab
8. Dnevnik
9. Dorćolac
10. Život počinje u 30-oj







Darkwood Dub - Elektro pionir
Belgrade Coffee Shop 2
KKN - Become

It was about time to put certain things in their places - upside down. Ancient rock'n'roll myths about living fast and dying faster never really made any sense in Serbia. But even if they ever did, they had been terminally shattered during the past 10 years of The Great Confusion. Speed and selfdestructiveness became the insignia of another culture, another civilisation, one that grew in place of "the life we once knew".

Darkwood Dub are perfectly aware of that and they allow themselves to play and wrestle with the concept of the inevitable - nothing is the same anymore, no matter how familiar it seems. Neither we, nor our music.

This album is just like that - from nervous electronic ticking of "Vrtlog Vira" to the resignated disco-lullaby of "Zivot Pocinje u 30 -oj", Darkwood Dub are leaving traces that make the journey through their intimate world both easy and intriguing. Almost three years after "Elektropionir", some lessons are to be repeated, new ones to be learned. Sandstorms, baobabs, continents, whirlpools and cold suns are entering the story of lost time and youth set asleep. The story that is just being unfolded.

The album in first degree? Don't trust anyone over thirty.



Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

Darkwood Dub - O pustinji [3.5 MB]

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