B92 CD 106
Released: 20/09/2002

U nedogled
[duration: 4:19]
[file size: 4.0 MB]






1. U nedogled
2. Treci vavilon
3. Sudar
4. Antena
5. Kolotecina
6. Karavan osecanja
7. Hej! Gringo!
8. Ja te potpuno razumem
9. Babalu
10. Imamo situaciju

11. Cigra
12. Moa
13. Hromi
14. U novoj epizodi
15. Filadelfija*
16. Petit Déjeuner...

17. smak
18. filadelfija







Zivot pocinje u 30-oj
Elektro pionir
Belgrade Coffee Shop 3

Darkwood Dub, U nedogled (Ad nauseum)

After an absence of several years, Darkwood Dub's legendary second album is back - extended and digitally enhanced - with previously unreleased tracks "Smak" and "Filadelfija" (electronic version) and extra material recorded in Novi Sad in 1995.

Review by Jelena Djurovic:

The mid-nineties was when Darkwood Dub ceased to be a local underground attraction. When U nedogled came out everyone could find for themselves subtle signs of a rebellion against the situation in the country. And those signs, not easily traceable, maybe not even planned, worked nonetheless. These are the nineties and the mythology is seen only by the participants, those who never left because they couldn't or wouldn't. And only the most persistent were "part of that problem..."

This album bears witness to that time far better than all the footage of handshakes at Dayton, the throwing of eggs at the television or the bombing of Pale. It speaks of a consciousness among a generation that will never again be that young, that poor, that angry and, most importantly, will never again have a common enemy. By listening to this album you reach the conclusion that a rare virtue of repression has inspired a supreme work of art.

Don't you feel a perverse nostalgia for those days while you listen to the pleasant and cautionary "Kolotecina"?

I do.

In the autumn of 1995 a minute lasts days. No changes. Ad nauseum.

In the autumn of 2003 days are measured in minutes. Every twitch of consciousness becomes habit.



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