B92 CD 109
Released: 10/12/2004

Prostor izmedju nas
[duration: 2:58]
[file size: 4.1 MB]






1. Melos
2. Regioni
3. Laka radost
4. Prostor između nas (2:58, mp3 192 kbit, 4.1 MB)
5. Ogrebotina

6. Oblak hitre senke
7. Neko misli
8. Centrala
9. O danima...







Darkwood Dub - Život počinje u 30-oj
Belgrade Coffee Shop 2
KKN - Become

After over two years, a new studio album from Darkwood Dub entitled "O danima" has arrived. Regarded as one of the country's most important bands of the past 15 years, Darkwood Dub finds a way to disrupt our horizon of expectations with each new release. If the previous album "Zivot pocinje u 30oj" represents a leap into uncharted waters, "O danima" is the first result of the sophisticated metamorphosis which Darkwood Dub is undergoing.

More so than any other Darkwood album before it, "O danima" represents a stylistically centered project with a dominating sense of melancholy with an honest and clear feeling of serenity. Returning to the classic pop structures, Darkwood Dub uncover a new, archaic warmth of sounds and instrumentation which gives the impression of a classic avant-garde LP of the 70’s. The true strategy of this creation is the self-imposed limits on form – the band have simplified their technique while at the same time, developing skills as writers, musicians and performers. One thing is certain - be sure to capture this moment because Darkwood Dub may never sound the same again.

In charge of the album's production was guitarist Bojan Drobac and the lyrics were written, once again, by Dejan Vucetic. The video for the first single "Prostor izmedju nas" was directed by Ivan Sijak and Lana Vasilijevic was responsible for the album's artwork and photography.



Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Vrtlog vira [8.1 MB]

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