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Boban and Marko Markovic’s Orchestra has, together with Goran Bregovic and the No Smoking Orchestra, long been the region’s biggest international concert attraction. Having swept the board at Guca on numerous occasions, the orchestra launched its international career ten years ago. Their “CV” so far includes: a string of albums on renowned World Music labels such as X-Produkcio from Hungary and Piranha from Germany, and on our own market in collaboration with B92; on average, 100 concerts a year, from New York, London, Paris, and Prague to Berlin, Budapest and Scandinavia; concerts and studio collaboration with international stars Esma Redžepova, Frank London, Roy Pacci, and Shantel; master class talks at the prestigious Juillard Academy… and loads of entertainment and a buzzing atmosphere, even at their smallest gigs.

Handing over the orchestra to his son, Marko, on his eighteenth birthday, Boban Markovic has wisely introduced new blood and gained a unique mix of youth and experience. The group’s new album, released in November 2007, is a shining example of new trends – learning from their experience of working with Shantel, one of World Music’s finest international producers, the father and son team have created a sound unique to the genre. At the same, the maturity of the whole set is obvious, so that on the album we can find an eclectic mix of styles, from funk worthy of our own jazz legend Mica Markovic, through a fantastic fusion of gypsy brass and latino beats, to exquisite interpretations of classic Roma music like Bubamara (Ladybird) and Kalashnikov. Despite already having an enviable fan base, this album of Boban and Marko’s music completely surpasses the genre’s restrictions and the traditional approach, and is becoming an international phenomenon intended for a variety of listeners, above all for those who are eager to explore and enjoy.



Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Vrtlog vira [8.1 MB]

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