B92 CD 212
Released: 2006.

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1. Metamorphosis 1 – 5
2. Mad Rush
3. Wichita Vortex Sutra

4. Glassworks, Opening
5. The Hours
6. Modern Love Waltz







Boris Kovač & Ladaaba Orchest - Ballads At The End Of Time
Boris Kovač & Ladaaba Orchest - The Last Balkan Tango
Srbija: Sounds Global 2

Pianist Branka Parlić is one of the most prominent interpreters of contemporary classical music in the world. She graduated from the Belgrade University of Musical Arts in the late 1970s and studies under Professor Olga Mihailović. She later honed her craft at the Summer Music Academy in Nice under Professor Pierre Sancan of the Paris Conservatory. While studying, she also cofounded the well-known Ensemble for Different New Music.

Taking on the task of presenting the cycle of the legendary Phillip Glass’ “Metamorphosis,” is probably the most challenging task in the sphere of contemporary minimalism since Parlic’s classical undertaking of Erik Satie’s ''Gnossiennes'' in the 1980s. The album which she released back then, called “Inities,” was the first album that contained one of Satie’s compositions ever recorded here.

Branka Parlić premiered the Glass piece in Novi Sad in 2004 and the performance of “Metamorphosis 2” recorded at this show is broadcasted regularly on prestigious English TV channel Classics FM.

Branka Parlić has performed in Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, France and Macedonia in the past two years, playing pieces by Satie, Glass and Michael Nyman.



Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Vrtlog vira [8.1 MB]

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