B92 CD 213
Released: 21.11.2005.

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1. Latino
2. Ajde, ajde Fato
3. Obećanje
4. Sunce sjajno
5. Paun
6. Beograd - Rio
7. Noć je
8. Vegas čoček

9. Voz
10. Erolka
11. Beli dvor
12. Odlazak u noć
13. Hansko svitanje
14. Baro biav
15. Papigko







Darkwood Dub - Život počinje u 30-oj
Belgrade Coffee Shop 2
KKN - Become

B92 Music Productions is proud to present the new album from the kings of Balkan Brass, Boban Markovic. “Obecanje” is the eighth album by this trumpet player who has won the award for best trumpet of the Guca festival many times, and has for several years been building an exceptionally successful international career which has included hundreds of concerts a year in New York, Chicago, London and Paris, all the way to Oslo, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest.

Alternating with virtuosity between ethno melodies and sophisticated arrangements, Boban Markovic continues to set new standards throughout the world with every new album. On this new album, and also on the previous release, equal credit must be given to Boban’s son Marko, who is not only the deserving heir to his father’s talent when taking into consideration the competence and confidence he shows on his instrument, but who also leads the entire orchestra into every section of complicated and demanding composition and arrangements. Because of this, “Obecanje” brings more original themes written by Boban and Marko than any of its predecessors, and with covers such as Vasilis Saleas’s “Papigko,” the thoughtfulness of the choice makes it fit within the record as whole perfectly. Finally, young vocalist Jelena Markovic with her interpretation of the traditional “Ajde, ajde Fato” and “Baro Biav” brings an added dose of eroticism to the hottest brass orchestra in the world.

The title “Obecanje,” (“The Promise”) this time also has a symbolic meaning; Boban promised Marko that for his eighteenth birthday, he would receive his own orchestra!



Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Vrtlog vira [8.1 MB]

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