B92 CD 206
Released: 20/12/2003

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1. Mere Yaara Dildara
2. Mundo Čoček
3. Sat (Time)
4. Southern Comfort (Južnjačka uteha)
5. Povratak u Han
6. Sanja Samba
7. Od srca

8. Balkan fest
9. Magija
10. Bugarčica
11. Boban i Marko
12. Bratski čoček
13. Biseri Srbije







Orkestar Bobana Markovica - Bistra Reka
Srbija Sounds Global 2
Ognjen i prijatelji

The best brass orchestra in Serbia. The Boban Markovic Orchestra has the best innovation imaginable – fifteen-year-old horn player Marko Markovic. He's the son of bandleader Boban, but this is not nepotism. He is a most talented young musician who provides liberated solos on most tracks of the new CD Boban i Marko, released in Serbia and Montenegro on the B92 music label.

After the great commercial success of the previous CD, Bistra Reka (B92), the critical success of Live in Belgrade (Piranha Records), and concerts all over the world, the Boban Markovic Orchestra went into the studio in May this year with a collection of new songs already tried on audiences throughout Europe in March and April. The twelve-strong Roma band has taken its development of brass music in Serbia even further. Lots of guest performers, a number of songs written especially for the band and a few unexpected covers make this album, recorded in Serbia and France, unique.

The top English-language world music magazine, Songlines, has put the album in its Top of the World category.

The band will continue its regular touring in 2004, with more than a hundred performances on several continents.

“It’s like being injected intravenously with a life-giving drug. Markovic’s music might sound wild and improvised but actually it’s meticulously worked out and rehearsed.”
Simon Broughton, Songlines



Ognjen i prijatelji - Balkan Rumba [3.6 MB]

Orkestar Bobana Markovica - Bistra Reka [5.1 MB]

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