B92 CD 203
Released: 11/03/2002

[duration: 3:14]
[file size: 4.5 MB]






1. Grom Čoček
2. Otpisani
3. Povetarac
4. Lekovito kolo
5. Gorke suze
6. Vodopad
7. Roditeljska sreća

8. "T.T"
9. Bistra reka
10. Pčelica
11. Čoček
12. Rindži
13. Ljubavni jadi
14. Bolujem ja







Srbija Sounds Global 2
Ognjen i prijatelji
Srbija Sounds Global

The Boban Markovic Orchestra has been the leading brass band in Serbia over the last 10 years. The group has received a number of awards ("Golden Trumpet", "First Trumpet" and "The Best Orchestra") at the "Dragacevski Sabor" brass band meeting and competition in Guca, held every August Central Serbia since 1961. At last year's Sabor, the Boban Markovic Orchestra, playing material from the forthcoming "Bistra Reka" CD, won "The First Trumpet" - officially the top prize.
In the recording of "Bistra Reka" the regular brass band sound was improved by the addition of another percussionist and sax player. The orchestra's fifth release presents a band at the height of its maturity with great tunes such as Frank London's "TT" or the traditional "Bolujem Ja" and "Grom Cocek".
The Boban Markovic Orchestra had a hugely successful concert season last year (International New Jazz Festival Moers, Pepsi Sziget in Budapest in front of over 15,000 people...) and this year they have an even busier schedule, touring Hungary and playing in Spain, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, France and Poland.



Ognjen i prijatelji - Kadenca [3.5 MB]

Ognjen i prijatelji - Balkan Rumba [3.1 MB]

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