B92 CD 308
Released: 10.07.2006.

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1. Kruko - Analogue Dispatch
2. Abe Duque feat. Tijana T - Ghost Dance
3. Faktor-X - Aural Penetration
4. Space Explorers - Princip
5. Flip – Cryo (Scientific Dub)
6. Miloš Pavlovic - Fluctual

7. Andi Teichmann - Myschkin (Marko Milosavljevic Remix)
8. LTG - Fusilli (Aero Edit)
9. MKDSL - Razdeljak
10. Poems - Descending
11. Jazzva - To Find You







Belgrade Coffee Shop5
Belgrade Coffee Shop4
Belgrade Coffee Shop3
Jazzva/Speed Limit

Sixth in the series of compilation releases from Stereo Freeze/B92 representing Serbian electronic music underground. Internationally known artists, Marko Nastic (Space Explorers) and Jazzva, are joined by Faktor-X, who earlier this year released a track on Steve Bug's Audiomatique label, as well as local talents - Filip, Milos Pavlovic, Poems, MKDSL, etc.

The release also boasts a couple of international guests - Abe Duque in collaboration with vocalist Tijana T, and Andi Teichmann, whose "Myschkin" gets a remix treatment from Marko Milosavljevic. Vlada Janjic's selection of tracks confirms the existence of a rather diverse electronic music scene in Serbia, ranging from deep & minimal to some proper floor friendly sounds. Following the success of previous five compilations, this release, rooted in the most prolific part of the scene, is a hopeful sign of a viable continuity in local underground music.



Speed Limit - Are You Ready [4.1 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

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