B92 CD 307
Released: 20.06.2005

Poems - Embrace
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  1. Poems - Embrace 05:38
2. Muthers feat. Vanja - Bolzetroga 04:08
3. Mateja Petkovic - After Eight 04:29
4. J.U.S.T. - Funky Tones 06:14
5. Flip & Protect - Use Your Clone 05:29
6. Modern Quartet vs Crna Droga – Part 2 Coffeine Certificate 04:58
7. Marko Milošević - Nazad na Orion 04:59
8. Marko Nastić - Going Easy 05:55
9. Nylon Room – Stomp Radio 07:03
10. WelljaM - Pre i posle 04:04
11. LTG - Orange 05:37
12. MKDSL - Plava laguna 05:41


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Belgrade Coffee Shop4
Belgrade Coffee Shop3
Jazzva/Speed Limit

This series of compilations from B92 has achieved wide praise from fans and critics alike, significant and sometimes top positions on domestic charts while. It has received good distribution and sales successes followed throughout Europe. It provides the insider, edgy and underground access to the most vibrant creative talents of Belgrade's electronic music scene: Speed Limit, J.U.S.T., Jazzva, Vukan and Modern Quartet owe not a little of their track record their appearances on previous editions.

The 5th edition is a continuous sampling of the electronic and club music containing 12 exclusive tracks. Choice cuts from well known names like J.U.S.T. and Serbia's electronic music export No.1 Marko Nastic sit together with Modern Quartet, MKDSL, Nylon Room and WelljaM. Surprising freshness is provided by the newcomers Mateja Petkovic, Flip&Protect and Poems duet.

Our top rotation and club recommendation is the electro pop collaboration of Marko Nastic, Djordje Miljenovic and Vanja Milinkovic - Muthers project with "Bolzetroga"; a masterly produced mutant disco "Funky Tones from J.U.S.T. as well as psychedelic downtempo/hip/hop/fusion "Coffeine Certificate" by Modern Quartet. Minimal house and electro flavors from local talent that parallels their worldwide contemporaries are provided by Mateja Petkovic, Marko Nastic and MKDSL. Most subtle and lyrical tracks are those from Poems and Velja Mijanovic.

Belgrade Coffee Shop 5 remains the only relevant selection of the diffuse domestic scene that sometimes sacrifices continuity of production to one off inspiration or talent but in individual moments achieves an almost perfect impact.



Speed Limit - Are You Ready [4.1 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

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