B92 CD 306
Released: 08/07/2004

Mistakemistake - Searchin' (Zemix)
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1. Jazzva - New Day (New Mix) 4:44
2. Nylon Room feat. Bob Fuse - Electricity 7:42
3. Shazalakazoo - Pheromones 3:21
4. Mistakemistake - Searchin' (Zemix) 4:37
5. J.U.S.T. - Nobody Knows 4:16
6. Donga - Clicks 5:26
7. MKDSL - Trip reizradnja 5:25
8. Modern Quartet - Psycho Chief 6:21
9. Marko Hollywood - It Can Be 4:50
10. Ivy & Toxic - Warm Harmony 6:10
11. Dejan Milicevic - Krunicka 4:50

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Belgrade Coffee Shop 2
Belgrade Coffee Shop Jazzva/Speed Limit

Representing a wide spectrum of events on the national electronic and club music scene, the Belgrade Coffee Shop series enters its fourth year of existence with its fourth album release. The newest release is maybe the most varied in terms of genres, containing 11 tracks totaling an hour of music that shows a definite advance in creativity and production by our artists.

You find tracks from J.U.S.T. and Modern Quartet from their recently released debut albums that are highlighted here which have been, perhaps unjustly, forced into the shadows by their radio singles. The humorous and original sounding duet of Shazalakazoo, supported on this release by the voice of Sonja Loncar, with the three-minute long hit „Pheromones,“ subtly announce their eventual domination of sounds that crossover between electronic and other forms of music, while newcomers Ivy & Toxic and Donga demonstrate noteworthy inventiveness and talent. Proof that international trends are slowly becoming the standard in our part of the world, will be given by several young producers such as Dejan Milicevic, MKDSL and Marko Hollywood, who have garnered strong reputations as DJs outside of the country. With the remix of "Searchin’" which can be found exclusively on this release, Mistake Mistake elegantly cross the lines between pop and r'n'b, making it the ultimate summertime radio hit. While at the same time building an international career and solidifying their local status as a club attraction, they can be found promoting their debut album "Hipelectroragga2hopreggaestep," released by Multimedia Records.
Riding the wave of success from the Stereo Freeze 12" sampler which found its way in 2003 onto the playlists and setlists of international DJ stars like Laurent Garniera, John Digweed and Didier Sinclair, Nylon Room continue on their path initiated by the track "Bump!" with an even more complex, deep tribal house affair entitled "Electricity," a track that has enough dance floor potential to find its way to a vinyl release. A unique example of variety on this release is the new mix of the classic track "New Day" by the Jazzva project. The simplified and superior balearic reconstruction displays a moment of inspiration by one of the most mature and productive artists on the local scene, Boris Krstajic, and will be premiered this fall on the London label, Togetherness.

Belgrade Coffee Shop has had an important role thus far locally, initiating new artists and inspiring already established ones, and internationally, presenting the local scene by way of a licensed release, foreign distribution and rotation on radio stations such as FG in Paris, Jazz FM in London, Multikulti in Berlin, FM4 in Vienna, etc. The period ahead of us, which will probably be spent selecting material for the fifth release of this series, will show whether or not this is just another artifact of the local club scene, or, in fact, something much greater than that.



Speed Limit - Are You Ready [4.1 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

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