B92 CD 303
Released: 17/06/2003

J.U.S.T. - True Love
[duration: 5:01]
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1. J.U.S.T. - True Love
2. Nylon Room - Bump!
3. Tubaćin - New Blues
4. Modern Quartet - Medicine Man
5. Darkwood Dub - Original Creation
6. Lo-Tek Grooves - Plazma

7. Planet Doc vs Eyedeal - Mistique
8. P.o.S - Wicked Inspiration
9. Goldman & DJ Z - Jazz Puzzle
10. Mistake Mistake - Feel It
11. MKDSL - Poslednja vožnja







Belgrade Coffee Shop 2
Belgrade Coffee Shop Jazzva/Speed Limit

Third chapter in Belgrade Coffee Shop series is a slightly different affair. Three years after Volume 1, the scene has matured and diversified, and a number of new names are put on the map, making their way to this album.

Alongside Coffee Shop familiars – J.U.S.T. (formerly Speed Limit), Darkwood Dub and Modern Quartet – whose contributions maintain previously set high standards, are the newcomers: Tubachin – synth-laced funky grooves master, soon to release his debut album on B92; P.o.S. – electro-dub offshoot of Belgradeyard Sound System, local left-field mavericks; Mistake Mistake – homegrown dancehall/2-step from Belgrade high-rise blocks, to mention just a few...

Generally more dancefloor oriented than it’s predecessors, Belgrade Coffee Shop 3 widens a perspective on current Serbian electronic scene, offering a string of undisputed gems and future favourites. Time to get up from your easy chair!

Belgrade Coffee Shop 3 Review by Jon Freer (jon-freer@excite.com)

The third blend of rich eastern grooves again exhibits what those of us in the west are missing out on. Showing the diversity of the city, this compilation gives us a taste of Belgrade’s appreciation of varied music. Tubacin’s “New Blues” sees ecstatic shouty vocals yell over transporting keys, complaining synths and an anger releasing electric guitar. Lo-Tek Grooves present us with “Plazma”, a raw and untamed House composition, with quick hit beats, exposed analogue bass, satisfying chords and a biting synth. Goldman & DJ Z update I-Cube’s “Disco Cubizm” for Jazz leaning dancefloors, courtesy of a dripping guitar, purring bass, spinning keys and a high-spirited wild sax. An excellent celebration of under-exposed talent.

Jon Freer(jon-freer@excite.com)
Reviewer and writer for the following websites and magazines: littleplanet.net, City Life Magazine, XLR8R Magazine, Keep On Magazine, pitchadjust.com, beyondjazz.net Store Records(Sheffield), cratertechnology.com, vybemuzik.com, Steel Press, deephousenetwork.com, offitsface.com, Sandman mag, breakevencrew.com, overloadmedia.co.uk, funk-me.com, Vanguard online, quadrastate.co.uk, spaced.co.uk, knowtheledge.com, beats.to, housecollective.org, capitolvibes.com, www.selekta.com, djriri.com, universalsource.co.uk, Inner Loop Magazine, housemuziq.com, undergroundhouse.net, worlddj.com, mosoul.co.uk, discotribe.net, flygarictracks.com, skansen.no, nwdnb.co.uk, planetsoulnetwork.com, allaboutdj.com, mundovibes.com...
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Speed Limit - Are You Ready [4.1 MB]

Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out [9.9 MB]

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