B92 CD 302
Released: 15/11/2001

Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out
[duration: 7:11]
[file size: 9.9 MB]






1. Vukan - Evening
2. Speed Limit - Are You Ready
3. Sova - G-din lakoprsti
4. Darkwood Dub - Steppin' Out
5. Jerema - Kadett
6. Jazzva - Sea Pipe

7. Linear Draft - Water Element
8. Shazalakazoo - Three Drops
9. Modern Quartet - Goodbye Jupiter
10. Switch Mono vs Natural Born - Streetwise
11. Teget - Shoobaryna thema







Jazzva / Speed Limit
Belgrade Coffee Shop
Darkwood Dub

Following the Belgrade Coffee Shop compilation and the joint album by Jazzva and Speed Limit (Belgrade Coffee Shop Sessions Vol. 1) B92 and its sub-label Stereo Freeze continues their presentation of the local electronic music scene. This album features eleven tracks of which nine are exclusive recordings made specially for this release or the rare works of projects no longer around today.

"Bringing the emerging talents of Belgrade's finest to a wider audience, B92's sub label Stereo Freeze document more of the scene's outstanding cuts. Not focussing on one genre specifically, "Belgrade Coffee Shop 2" offers house, downtempo and breaks delights. The quality of production here is outstanding, and this CD is a perfect showcase for the music of the Balkans. Vulkan's "Evening" is a shimmering jazz stepping key ode, with strolling percussion and a beautiful vibraphone. Speed Limit's "Are You Ready?" ups the tempo, using superlative vocals, flashy percussion and smooth soulful keys, to produce a flowing House ride. Jerema's "Kadett" cruises along, with a harmonious guitar, steadily travelling percussion and an earthy bass. Switch Mono Vs Natural Born's "Streetwise" takes conga led percussion, a gutsy bass and spoke vocal, to create something quite different. This compilation is a must, for those who are open minded, and want something new and exciting." Jon Freer, mart 2002

Jon Freer is a reviewer and writer for: housemusic.com, vybemuzik.com, XLR8R Magazine, www.selekta.com, untitledmusic.co.uk, Steel Press, pitchadjust.com, Feedback Magazine, deephousenetwork.com, beats.to, funk-me.com, offitsface.com, breakevencrew.com, overloadmedia.co.uk, quadrastate.co.uk, hotwatermusic.co.uk, housecollective.org, capitolvibes.com, djriri.com, hulagroove.com, puredm.com, etc



Speed Limit - Are You Ready [4.1 MB]

Extravaganja - Parobrodom uzvodno [3.3 MB]

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