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The Future of the Republika Srpska
William Montgomery  

I was standing on the pier in Cavtat last week when the sea was calm and the sun shining. A line of sailboats and small motorboats was moored peacefully along the pier and suddenly they began to rock violently when buffeted by strong, sharp waves.

Impartiality and responsibility
Veran Matic, Editor-in-Chief of RTV B92  

25 December 2003 - RTV B92 has been accused of unbalanced reporting during the campaign for Serbia’s parliamentary elections. Those accusations include favouring democratically-oriented parties and ignoring parties which were in government during the Milosevic regime, as well as those which advocate isolationist ideas and the symbols of intolerance and hate speech. Because of these allegations we feel obliged to publicly explain B92’s editorial policy, particularly as it relates to election campaigns.

Can the EU Hack the Balkans?
Morton I. Abramowitz; Heather Hurlburt  

01 September 2002 - The sight of Slobodan Milosevic being tried for war crimes in the Hague may suggest that we have reached the end of history, Balkans-style. The prospects of large-scale conflict in the region are low; democracy and pluralism are slowly taking root; and the Balkans' claim on the world's attention, declining even before September 11, continues to fall.

Serbia: Bombs to market forces
Eve-Ann Prentice, 20 August 2002

The Democrats are in power; Slobodan Milosevic and his propagandist journalists are gone. Or are they? Assumptions that all is well with a new, democratic Serbian media are far from the truth. Report by Eve- Ann Prentice in Belgrade.

The disturbing truthNatasa Kandic
Natasa Kandic, Humanitarian Law Center, 8 March 2002

Judge Danica Marinkovic, formerly investigating judge of the Pristina District Court, reacted to the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) press release on the murder of Kosovo Albanian politician Fehmi Agani by accusing the HLC and its executive director, Natasa Kandic, of lying

NIN, No.2668, February 14, 2002
A step ahead of the rest
Interview with Sanda Savic, Radio B92 news editor  

“Even though we weren’t certain we would succeed, we have demonstrated that B92 functions well, and not only in times of revolution, says Savic, adding that for the first time the station’s morning news is more popular than that of Radio Belgrade, which had led the ratings for decades

"Vreme" No. 577, FM Radio 2001

The Moloch of Transition
author: Teofil Pancic

If the state radio-mastodon in 2001 had the task of patching up at least the most visible (more precisely: the most audible) consequences of the long standing internal devastation and systematic "patriotic" faecalisation of its image and sound, then those other stations, not financed from the budget, primarily the ones we called "independent" in the 90s, had just one Sacred Mission in order to keep their heads above water

Eichmann in Jerusalem, Milosevic in the Hague:
Civility, Sovereignty, Justice

author: Dragan Kujundzic Director, International Center for Writing and Translation University of California at Irvine
November 4, 2001

In the amended indictment of Slobodan Milosevic - a document available on the website of the ICTY, on page 31, there is a list called Schedule G, Persons killed in Djakovica/Gjakove - 2 April 1999. This one succeeds in drawing the attention of the reader whose concentration may be dulled by the endless litany of victims. The twenty persons on Schedule G with the exception of Vejsa Arlind, who was five, are all women. Or should we say female, since a large number of them is of age 2 to 14. What happened to them? Why were they killed? What is the possible military, or any other reason for exterminating Caka Diaona, age 2, for what political advantage?

"Vreme" No. 565
Burden of Alliance
author: Velimir Curgus Kazimir
November 1, 2001

NGO sector is neither particularly sensitive to the current position of Radio and TV B92. NGOs seem to think that this broadcaster does not cover their activities as, in their view, it ought to, or, perhaps, that their rivals receive too much of undeserved publicity. Besides, it is not quite clear whom B92 actually favours? Who likes B92 less? Kostunica or Djindjic? You cannot even label it as a broadcaster "close" to the Radicals or the Socialists. Well, this must be indeed a rather peculiar broadcaster. Why does it not make a choice? You cannot behave like that! It does not seem fit nor proper!

Detention and Disappearance of Ivan Stambolic
Author: Nikola Barovic, lawyer for Ivan Stambolic
October 18, 2001

One of the first immediately noticeable results of the political changes of October 5, 2000, was opening up of the state and quasi-state broadcasters and print media in Serbia to the representatives of former opposition bloc and NGO sector. High hopes raised in the aftermath of the October changes that the media field would be efficiently and swiftly reformed in a just manner, that political influence on the media would be largely eliminated have nonetheless proved to be overly optimistic

Interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Author: Veran Matic
October 8, 2001

I don't suppose when you are a victim you need to be told you're a victim. I mean, if you've got a toothache, you don't need somebody from outside to tell you: “Hey, you've got a toothache!”, you experience it. And so, the so-called little people knew that they were the people who had been despised, who had been marginalized

The Coming of World War III: An Open Letter to My Stepdaughter
By Robert Karl Manoff

They hate us. And to begin to understand why we need only recall that Jefferson, reflecting on the consequences of slavery for the future of his new nation, recognized that inequity breeds violence: "I tremble for my country when I reflect upon the fact that God is just."

Noam Chomsky
B92 Exclusive:
Chomsky on US after WTC attacks

Bin Laden was one of the many religious fundamentalist extremists recruited, armed, and financed by the CIA and their allies. Not surprisingly, the CIA preferred the most fanatic and cruel fighters they could mobilize. The end result was to "destroy a moderate regime and create a fanatical one, from groups recklessly financed by the Americans. Read an interview

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