The documentary Abduction
Directed by: Ivan Markov


November 28, 2002 - Premier of the documentary film "Abduction" in Priboj

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The documentary Abduction by Ivan Markov about the disappearance of sixteen Muslims from Sjeverin presents a possible answer to the fate of the missing workers from Priboj companies who set off to work on the morning of October 22, 1992.

Abduction is a harrowing story about neighbours, the birth of hatred and the profound suffering it caused. Abduction is the story of the first mass war crime against Yugoslav citizens, carried out by a paramilitary gang under the command of Milan Lukic from Visegrad. A crime described by the one, accidental survivor. A crime which could have been prevented, for which no one has answered and in which this country failed the test of responsibility for the first time. The film Abduction by Ivan Markov is part of a project by Veran Matic under the general title Independents for the Truth. This RTV B92 project includes such programs as Truth, Responsibility, Reconciliation, The Serb Side of the War and Catharsis. Titles still in production are West Slavonia, about crimes against the Serb population in Croatia, Economy of Destruction about economic events between 1989 and 1999, Good People in the Time of Evil, about positive examples of solidarity in Bosnia, Suva reka a co-production with Koha Vision about the massacre of Albanians, a series on the closed trials in the Hague Tribunal which the public does not know enough about, and the series Intolerance.