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Wife blows the whistle on broadcast lies


BELGRADE, Monday 12 May 2003 – The wife of Broadcast Agency Council nominee Goran Radenovic alleged today that her husband had lied in support of his candidacy for the Council.

Radenovic was proposed as the ninth member of the Council, a position reserved by law for a councillor who lives and works permanently in Kosovo.

His election caused an outcry from Kosovo Serb political leaders who said they knew nothing about him nor did they know who had nominated him.

Ivanka Radenovic today showed B92 a marriage certificate proving that she is Radenovic’s wife.

She also produced his official academic record from Belgrade University, showing that he had not completed a law degree, as claimed in the curriculum vitae attached to his nomination.

Mrs Radenovic also denied that her husband lived in the Kosovo town of Gracanica.

“I also want to deny that I, his legal wife, am pregnant and that this is the reason he is dividing his time between Gracanica and Podgorica. The gentleman lives in Podgorica and I have not lived in Podgorica since October 1, 2001.

“Mr Radenovic has been registered with the Refugee Commission here in Belgrade as a displaced person since April 8, 2001.

“He lives and works in Podgorica and at present works, as far as I know, for a company called Pink Television. He claims that he works as an advisor for the company.

“I have no knowledge of the capacity in which he works, but I do know that he is not permanently employed by them because he has no work permit: he has lost it.

“As he himself says, his official employer is at present the company MBV,” said Ivanka Radenovic.

In addition to her marriage certificate and her husband’s academic record, Mrs Radenovic today also produced Goran Radenovic’s personal identification papers, which describe him as a refugee from Kosovo residing in Belgrade.


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