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Demand to replace Broadcast Agency councillors


Three of Serbia’s largest media associations have demanded from the Parliament to dismiss two members of the newly appointed Broadcasting Agency Council. The Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM), the Spektar Association of Private Broadcasters and the Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia claim irregularities in the appointment of Nenad Cekic and Vladimir Cvetkovic. They also alleged potential conflict of interest. The associations say that the appointments were in breach of media legislation that stipulate that the biographies of candidates for the Council must be published thirty days before their appointment.

Media in Serbia

Despite the almost three years which have passed since Serbia opted for democracy, there is no sign that the Serbian Government has a strategy on developing the media sector. The adoption of new media legislation is well behind schedule while the government ignores the outcome of public debates on the draft bills. This has left media exhausted as they struggle with an irregular market environment and inequitable business conditions. Nor have the authorities responded to demands from the public to review media operations under the previous regime. This raises the legitimate question of the degree to which Serbia has really rid itself of the heritage of an oppressive regime, what real improvement has occurred in the status of media and the government’s attitude to the sector.


August 27: Minister “surprised” at aid freeze for media watchdog
August 26: Broadcast Council chairman unconcerned by EU freeze
August 25:
Europe suspends assistance to Broadcast Council
July 25:
Anti-Corruption Council's Media Requests Dodged
June 11: Another Broadcast Council member resigns
May 27: Controversial ninth member appointed by parliament
May 12: Wife blows the whistle on broadcast lies >> link
April 25: Broadcast Agency Council appoints ninth member
April 18: Media associations object to monitoring appointments




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Chronology of events



Media situation in Serbia, May 2003

Invitation to dialogue between government and media

Full text of the demand to replace two members of the Broadcast Agency Council



Srecko Mihajlovic: Lost in advance: the battle against pubic

Does the law not matter?

IFJ Warns of “Damage to Integrity of Broadcasting Law”

SEEMO Concerned over Press Freedoms in Serbia


OSCE urges new election for broadcast monitoring body

CPJ concerned about government harrassment of the press

IPI Serbia Alert

RWB Call for re-election of council

OSCE urges transparency in media appointments

ANEM: repeat Broadcast Council election

NGOs shun Broadcast Council debate

EC Charge d’Affaires: Cause for concern

US Ambassador Extremely Disappointed at Status of Media

Verena Taylor: Legal procedure was not respected

OSCE Chairman: Laws may never be broken

Head of OSCE Mission: (1) “Aware of certain criticism”

Dimitrijevic: Against flouting of law in name of public interest

Head of OSCE Mission: (2) The law was broken in the Broadcasting Council’s constituting

Andric: Decision will stand

Milivojevic: If there is suspicion about autonomy form outset, Council will not be able to operate.

Veljanovski: There is deliberate negative pressure from the authorities.

Lucic-Cavic: Angry that candidate of professional associations, one of our greatest media experts, won’t be sitting on the Council

Matic: Not only an issue for our profession, it is a problem for the entire society

Lucic-Cavic: We could have survived another month

Milenkovic: Will broadcasters follow Parliament’s suit in breaching law?

Radulovic: Guiding principle was bad

Zink: Govt and parliament should consider grounds and response

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