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Vukovar The Final Cut

This is not a film made by outside observers or nonchalant journalists. Nor was it made by war-dog reporters who are in the Balkans today, tomorrow in the Near East and in Baghdad the day after; some of us were in the middle of the apocalypse of Vukovar while the city was being torn apart. Some were running from attempts by the Milosevic regime to make them soldiers of the Yugoslav National Army and mobilize them to participate in the senseless operations of destroying Vukovar. Others managed to report from both lines of the front - Serbian and Croatian, thanks to their professional skill an dare.


New media watchdog under fire

Serbia's new Broadcast Agency Council has come under the fire from the outset over questionable procedures in appointing two of its members. Three of Serbia's largest media organisations have made a strongly worded demand for their replacement.



The documentary Abduction by Ivan Markov about the disappearance of sixteen Muslims from Sjeverin presents a possible answer to the fate of the missing workers from Priboj companies who set off to work on the morning of October 22, 1992.
Abduction is a harrowing story about neighbours, the birth of hatred and the profound suffering it caused. Abduction is the story of the first mass war crime against Yugoslav citizens, carried out by a paramilitary gang under the command of Milan Lukic from Visegrad.


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