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B92 Focus, February 2005.


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Are Serbia’s MPs worth their salt?

The Kostunica Government, despite its conservative attitude to change on any significant issue, will be remembered for its frequent attempt to push through pay rises for MPs. At least one of those was abandoned after a major public outcry. But on February 3, the parliament’s Administrative Committee quietly adopted new pay scales which double MPs’ salaries. February 09, 2005

Secret police in Kosovo cover-up

Belgrade’s Humanitarian Law Centre is relentless in its pursuit of justice for the victims of crimes and the uncovering of crimes committed by the state. Centre Director Natasa Kandic caused a storm this week, accusing senior government figures and senior police officials of orchestrating a cover-up of Kosovo war crimes. We reproduce here the full text of Kandic’s statement. December 30, 2004

Serbia-Montenegro: a work in progress

The Financial Times’ Eric Jansson examines the forces for disunity which increasingly appear to be defeating the EU-imposed concept of a state union of Serbia and Montenegro December 24, 2004

On human rights

International Human Rights Day, December 10, came and went in Serbia with little attention. Belgrade’s Humanitarian Law Centre today released a statement reviewing the state of human rights in the country and the impact of contemporary Serbian politics on these. December 15, 2004

Guerrilla prime minister

Serbia last week failed in a bid to prevent the election of former Kosovo Liberation Army leader Ramush Haradinaj as prime minister of Kosovo. Reuters’ Matthew Robinson interviewed Haradinaj this week, the day after he took up his new post. December 08, 2004

SCG and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

When Slobodan Milosevic and his regime were swept from power by a popular uprising in October, 2000, it was evident that one of the priorities in rebuilding Yugoslavia’s ravaged economy would be investment and privatisation. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development responded quickly, and by April the following year had negotiated and approved membership of the country, opened its office in New Belgrade and approved its first project. November 24, 2004

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