"Russian spies who went after Milo photographed in Serbia"

Two Russian agents, suspected of plotting to kill Milo Djukanovic, have been photographed in Serbia, the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, is reporting.

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(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)
(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)

According to the article, they are Eduard Shishmakov and Vladimir Popov, allegedly members of a Russian secret service - and they were seen in Serbia shortly after "the failed coup (in Montenegro) in October."

"The pair are accused of planning to take over parliament, assassinate then-PM Milo Djukanovic and install a pro-Russian leadership to prevent Montenegro from joining NATO," the paper reported on its website.

Shishmakov and Popov "remain at large," the article added - because "hey were "allowed to return to Russia despite accusations of carrying out a covert operation in Serbia, and will be tried in absentia."

The photographs - one of which shows "Serbian agent Aleksandar Sindjelic" are said to have originally been obtained by Sky News - and came from "an unnamed European security service."


"'Republic of Kosovo' project is obviously failing"

Russian and Chinese ambassadors spoke in favor of continuing the UNMIK mission in Kosovo, during Tuesday's UN Security Council session dedicated to its work.

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