NATO plans to continue building missile shield

NEW YORK -- NATO will continue to build its anti-missile shield in Europe until it has reached full operational capacity, according to Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

The NATO secretary general wrote in an op-ed published in today's Wall Street Journal that tests conducted so far had proved successful and that he expects the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago declare that the initial phase of the system was completed and operational.

"This is just the first, but a real step towards ensuring full protection of people and forces in the territory covered by NATO," said Rasmussen, claiming that the construction of the shield would continue until it reached full operational capacity.

Russia strongly opposes the western military alliances anti-missile shield, and believes that it undermines the potential for its nuclear deterrent.

NATO claims that the aim of the shield is "to defend against missile threats from Iran and North Korea, rather than Russia".

Moreover, the U.S. media recently published parts of internal Pentagon and U.S. congressional reports claiming that the shield is ineffective and too expensive.