Assange: "Arab scenario" could happen in Balkans

SARAJEVO -- Publication of U.S. cables about Bosnia-Herzegovina and other Southeast European countries will cause “Arab scenario” in the Balkans, says Julian Assange.

The WikiLeaks founder is convinced that this will happen, pointing out that cables from the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia-Herzegovina from the last six years are going to be released.

“This is probably a model according to which the cables, once they are published, will affect the region,” Assange told Sarajevo press.

He also claims that WikiLeaks has contributed to revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

According to the WikiLeaks founder, the release of the secret documents will certainly intensify in time and it will not stop. He added that he had no intention of cutting a deal with the U.S.

“They are trying to silence us, demanding to destroy everything we published before, everything we are going to publish and break off contacts with our sources, so-called ‘scouts’ from the U.S. military. We refused, of course,” Assange stressed, adding that U.S. citizens and people from around the world supported him, transparency and the truth.

The WikiLeaks founder believes that there is “a secret grand jury in Alexandria, U.S. state of Georgia, which is, together with several other people, trying to accuse him of conspiracy and espionage in order to get him extradited to the U.S.”