Vatican has highest rate of misdemeanor crime

ROME -- The Vatican saw 1,300 misdemeanor crimes committed last year, propelling that state to the top of the global per-capita statistics.

(Svetlana Milankoviś, B92)
(Svetlana Milankoviś, B92)

527 persons live in the Vatican, but some 18 million people visited the territory located in Rome last year.

The papal state's news agency VIA reports that the Vatican prosecutor decided to pursue 171 cases.

Almost 90 percent of the listed incidents fall under the category of petty theft, mostly pickpocketing, but a majority of perpetrators remain unpunished as they "flee to Italy".

It has also been announced that Vatican's measures aimed against money laundering were more strict than those in Italy, and that the pope last year set up a "financial information service" aimed at cooperating with other states and tracking movement of money.

The service is expected to start work in April of this year.