NCOs killed in blast of leftover NATO cluster bomb

Two non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Army (VS) were killed on Wednesday while clearing the ground of explosive devices on Mt. Kopaonik, central Serbia.

Source: B92, Tanjug

The device that exploded - believed to have been a cluster bomb - along with others slated to be cleared from the area, was left over from the 1999 NATO attacks on Serbia.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the deadly accident took place.

"Around 10:25 (CET) at Pančić's Peak on Mt. Kopaonik, an accident occurred during a mine clearance operation, which killed two NCOs, members of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defense," says the release.

The victims have been identified as 36-year-old Slaviša Marković and 37-year-old Nebojša Milić.

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vučić and army chief Lt. Gen. Ljubiša Diković arrived at the site of the explosion on Wednesday afternoon.

Vučić also ordered emergency measures to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the event and ascertain responsibility.

The soldiers were working to build a protective fence around a facility in Kopaonik, under a contract between the Air Force and Air Defense Command and the SMATSA air traffic control.


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