Serbian television pioneer passes away

BELGRADE -- Long-time journalist, editor and presenter of Serbia's public broadcaster RTS (RTB) Miloje Mića Orlović has passed away.

A file photo of Mića Orlović presenting the news (RTS)
A file photo of Mića Orlović presenting the news (RTS)

RTS announced that its legendary star - who launched his career in the early days of television in Serbia and Yugoslavia and was the presenter of the first edition of the evening news ever broadcast on RTB - died in Belgrade at the age of 79.

Orlović was born in Valjevo and spent his childhood in his hometown and in Priština. A graduate of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, he started his career in journalism as a Radio Belgrade sports reporter , and later joined the Politika Ekspres daily as editor.

On August 28, 1958, Television Belgrade (RTB) broadcast the first edition of its evening news (Dnevnik), presented by Orlović.

Orlović, who started his professional career in journalism two years earlier, once described the experience:

"I was a kid, but a kid who already had rich radio experience, so I wasn't nervous. I explained to myself that the camera was a glass passage through which I will look, seeking to see my cameramen. It was a good move, because that relaxed me and I was under the impression that I was actually addressing the viewers. The broadcast concluded without a single error."