New baby incubators donated to Sarajevo hospitals

SARAJEVO -- Representatives of donor companies, m:tel and B92 Fund have delivered new baby incubators to hospitals in Sarajevo.

B92 Fund continues to successfully carry out its campaign Battle for Babies in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The World Prematurity Day was marked for the first time in Bosnia-Herzegovina with the donation of the two new incubators.

“We are especially proud of November 17, the World Prematurity Day and we can say that we did something humane for our country on that day,” said m:tel Spokeswoman Aida Halilović.

The World Prematurity Day was for the first time marked in Serbia in 2011.

“Just by looking at a sock of a prematurely born baby and that of babies who were born on time, we can see the difference. This day is for the first time marked in Bosnia-Herzegovina today and it was for the first time marked in Serbia last year,” B92 Fund’s Board of Directors President Veran Matić has said.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Sarajevo received one more incubator that was donated by Fructal company.

“We want to help as much as possible the young heroes to win the most important battle – a life battle,” Fructal Public Relations Manager Mina Sretenović said.

Kasindo Hospital in Eastern Sarajevo also got one more new incubator, which was donated by Serbia’s Construction Directorate.

“We are donating an incubator to Eastern Sarajevo, we are happy because we know they need it,” Serbia’s Construction Directorate’s Dragan Grujić stressed.

The B92 Fund’s campaign in Bosnia-Herzegovina started in June and a total of 30 incubators have so far been purchased and donated. It was estimated at the beginning of the campaign that health institutions in the country needed 71 new baby incubators.