Church in statement ahead of gay parade

BELGRADE -- The Church considers any type of violence impermissible, a statement from the SPC issued ahead of Sunday's Pride Parade in Belgrade said.

(FoNet, file)
(FoNet, file)

"This also applies to persons or groups that, according to the understanding of the Church, sin against moral norms, or endanger public morals," the statement adds.

Citing Justin Popović and St. Jovan Zlatousti, the statement says that "violence does not cure or triumph over evil, but instead multiplies it".

The statement added that the Church believed it was absolutely unacceptable and contrary to Christian teachings to openly or otherwise call for violence, and especially for violent acts, "supposedly on behalf of the Church and the Christian faith, against anyone, and even against the unfortunate, tragic participants in the noisily, tastelessly and extremely provocatively announced sacrilegious parade".

The Church also sees the parade and sexual freedoms as an "essentially irrelevant" subject.

"The SPC stands against public expressions and advertising of sexual orientation or any other personal preference, especially if it infringes on the citizens' right to privacy and family life, their religious convictions and the inalienability of personal dignity. In that context, it (the Church) is decisively opposed to the organizing of the so-called Pride Parade. 'Pride' - for what reason, we wonder," the SPC statement concluded.